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Astronomy a visual guide

Astronomy a Visual Guide là sách hình ảnh về thiên văn học. Đọc sách online Astronomy a visual guide pdf bên dưới.

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From the study of the smallest members of the Solar System to the most distant galaxies, astronomy is a science that knows no bounds. It attempts to answer the most fundamental questions: Where did we come from, and are we alone? Yet it remains a science in which amateurs can play a role.

A casual glance at the sky transports us across gulfs of space and time. What you see may appear to be unchanging points of light, but the real truth is far more complex. There is the Orion Nebula, for example, a cloud of gas nearly 1,500 light-years distant, within which are being re-enacted the processes that led to the formation of the Sun and planets 4.6 billion years ago.

There is the Pleiades, a clutch of hot blue-white stars that emerged from a gaseous nebula like Orion’s, and whose youngest members began to glow around the same time as the first humans appeared on Earth.

There is Betelgeuse, a star distended and reddened with age, destined to end its life in a blinding explosion that will spill its constituent atoms into the interstellar mix.

Over subsequent eons, those atoms will be  recycled into new generations of stars, planets, and perhaps even life. When humans first began to study the heavens a few thousand years ago, no one knew what stars were. Only in the past few hundred years has it become clear that they are distant versions of our own Sun, but an understanding of what made the Sun and other stars shine awaited 20th-century advances in nuclear physics. Now we know that all stars are powered by the energy of nuclear fusion, and a combination of theory and observation has allowed us to piece together the story of how stars are born, the ways in which they may develop, and how they die.

Most excitingly, astronomers have begun to discover planets around other stars, confirming that planetary systems are a natural by-product of star birth and increasing the chances that there may be life elsewhere.

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