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Bike Repair Manual

Sách hình ảnh hướng dẫn bảo trì và sửa chửa nhiều loại xe đạp khác nhau. Phiên bản 7th mới nhất.

  • 120,000đ
  • Thương hiệu: DK Publishing
  • Mã sản phẩm: BI5662
  • Tình trạng: 2

This is the seventh edition of the Bike Repair Manual. Over the years parts and technology have gone through continual refinement, but they still work by the same essential principles, so follow the steps and be confident when working on your bike.

If you buy a new bike, make sure that you keep the accompanying owner’s manual, so that you can refer to it alongside this book. Do the same with any new equipment that you buy. If your bike is not new, obtain a manual from a bike shop or the manufacturer’s web site. Manuals will help you to be aware of the particular maintenance requirements of all the components on your bike. If you want to learn more about bike mechanics, there are many magazines available that contain tips on specific components. However, the large majority of people who are simply interested in learning how to maintain their bike will find everything they need to know in the pages of the Bike Repair Manual.

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