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Clinical Massage Therapy Assessment and Treatment of Orthopedic Conditions

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Experience has shown me that many massage therapists possess excellent hands-on skills yet still need additional training in assessing and treating the intricacies of orthopedic conditions. Conversely, many therapists who have advanced training in treating orthopedic pathologies often lack the knowledge and skill of effective soft tissue application. While many texts on orthopedic assessment in massage are technically sound, some lack information when it comes to describing how to address specifi c medical conditions. This text seeks to fi ll in some of the blanks. While this book focuses on the clinical aspects of massage therapy, it’s been my experience that utilizing a variety of techniques, when applied with specifi c intent, achieves the best results. Therefore, throughout this text students are encouraged to tailor the information to suit each patient’s specifi c needs. In my opinion, there are two primary components of clinical massage: knowledge and assessment. First, a clinical massage therapist must have advanced knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Such knowledge will aid the therapist in determining when treatment is appropriate and when it is necessary to refer patients to other health care providers. Second, to determine the best course of treatment, a therapist must be able to skillfully assess a condition. Assessment includes everything from taking a client’s history, palpating the tissue, and administering special tests to then incorporating all the results into a treatment plan using well-developed clinical reasoning skills. I have written this text with these two primary components in mind.

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