Coding for Beginners

Coding for Beginners, Helping you with your first steps in coding.

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Programming is everywhere. From clicking an icon on your desktop and opening a web browser to calculating the vast distances between the stars or flying through them in the latest video game. It’s one of the most important digital skills you can have in the modern world and it’s only going to get bigger as we move into a new generation of interconnected devices and mediums.

Starting to learn to code isn’t easy but we’re here to help you get going. In the pages of this book you can learn how to start coding using Python, C++, Linux scripting, FUZE BASIC with the Raspberry Pi, Windows batch files and Scratch. We also cover the common pitfalls and mistakes every coder falls into and ways to avoid them in the future; also where you can find help and how to experiment with your code.

We’ve put together a great collection of tutorials and step-by-step guides to help you understand how to start coding and what you need to turn your ideas into ones and zeros that will help you become a better coder. Learning how to code is an on-going experience, where you learn something new every day and every time you run your code. Come with us and let’s start coding!

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