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Cook Healthy and Quick

Cook Healthy and Quick, over 300 recipes nutritious meals in minutes

Sách hình ảnh đẹp với hơn 300 công thức nấu những bửa ăn đơn giản nhưng đầy đủ chất dinh dưỡng và tốt cho sức khoẻ chỉ trong vài phút. Đây là món quà tuyệt vời cho các bà nội trợ. 

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Eating healthily is easiest when it’s convenient. So in Cook Healthy and Quick we have collected together recipes that are speedy to prepare and that will help you make good choices. We have grouped them around mealtimes—a protein-filled breakfast, say, or a plant-based main meal. Then we have done a detailed nutritional analysis for you: not just the calories per serving, but also the amount of carbohydrates, fats, salt, and fiber that you will be consuming.

We hope that this will help you to make healthy choices throughout your day, and keep within recommended daily intakes. For an adult consuming 2,000 calories, these are as follows: no more than 90g sugars; 70g fats, with only 20g saturated fats; and about 1 teaspoon (6g) salt. You should also try to eat 18g fiber per day. Alongside this analysis we have added color bands so that you can identify the key benefits of a recipe at a glance.

Remember, none of this is complicated—or restrictive. Eating well does not have to mean dialing down on your enjoyment. Some days, what you want is a brownie. So go ahead, have one. Just make it yourself, with our recipe that uses fruit to reduce the sugar content.

True, reducing the sugar does not mean that a brownie can be for every day. Nor can cheesecake or ice cream. But whether you want a snack or you’re planning dinner for friends, here are recipes that are full of flavor and mindful of healthy principles. Take a look at the nutritional analysis, and make your choice.

If you have specific dietary needs, there are also recipes here that do not use dairy products or that avoid gluten. And many more can easily be adapted to be dairy-free and gluten-free. The color bands will help you to identify these quickly. Additionally, we offer easy Variations—simple ideas for you to create new dishes by substituting just one or two ingredients. We also highlight on each recipe the time it will take, first to prepare and then to cook. Many recipes need no cooking and can be both prepared and cooked within 30 minutes. Only the time required for marinating, say, or freezing is excluded from our calculations. So when your time is short, flip through these pages. With more than 300 recipes to choose from, you won’t find it hard to Cook Healthy and Quick.

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