Craft Cocktails

Seasonally inspired drinks and snacks from our sipping room.

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To celebrate a wealth of flavours and ingredients, as well as the amazing talent of barkeeps in cities near and far, we created the Dillon’s Cocktail Cup. The Dillon’s Cocktail Cup is unlike any other cocktail competition out there. We designed it to be more inclusive—an event where not only the judges have an opportunity to taste and evaluate the cocktails, but the guests do too. With each round hosted at a different bar, bartenders from all over the country come together to compete head to head until we’ve narrowed it down to just one winner. Cocktails are judged on their flavour, but the bartenders are also graded on how they work behind the bar and entertain the crowd while making drinks. Each year, bartenders surprise us with the array of ingredients they bring to the table and the exciting ways their creative combinations bring out the nuanced flavours of our handcrafted spirits. In many ways, our cocktails take their inspiration from the ingenious barkeeps we’ve seen compete year after year—and some of their creations are featured in this book.

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