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Cut the Clutter

Cut the Clutter, a simple organization plan for a clean and tidy home.

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  • 125,000đ
  • Thương hiệu: DK Publishing
  • Mã sản phẩm: CUT172513
  • Tình trạng: 2

How do you really feel about the state of the house? Here’s a quick test: imagine that the doorbell rings. Is there panic in the pit of your stomach at the possibility of unexpected guests—or a bill collector? You’re not alone. For many, clutter, disorganization, and dirt interfere with the day-to-day business of life at home.

Taking aim on clutter is a great first step to

more sustainable living. Tackle domestic

chaos and live a greener life with these tips:

Bag the bags. Stow reusable shopping

bags on a hook near the car keys. They’ll be

easy to grab on your way out the door—and

will stop plastic supermarket sacks from

invading your organized home.

Junk the junk mail. Removing your

address from direct mail databases and calling

catalog companies with stop requests takes

time up-front, but saves the household—and

Mother Earth!—from being buried in

unwanted paper.

Set free the surplus. Recycling or

repurposing unneeded appliances, clothing,

tools, and craft supplies not only clears

storage space, but also gives these items

a new and useful life.

Waste packaging waste. Smart menu

planning means less reliance on single-serve

or convenience food items—and a

corresponding reduction in needless food

packaging. Build a pantry and buy in bulk to

keep packaging waste to a minimum.

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