Financial Astrology How to Forecast Business and The Stock Market

Financial Astrology How to Forecast Business and The Stock Market. Một quyển sách củ hướng dẫn cách ứng dụng thiên văn học đê tính chu kỳ kinh doanh cũng như chu kỳ trên thị trường chứng khoán. Xem thử bản đẹp Financial Astrology pdf bên dưới.

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This book contains the results of more than a half century of research by the author into the causes of the business, and stock market cycles. Progress reports in the form of unpublished lectures, beginning in 1947, were followed by the simultaneous publication in April 1959 of two books:

(a) Astra-Economics, published by Llewellyn Publications, Ltd., for the astrological and general reader.

(b) Business Cycle Forecasting, published by The Joumal of Cycle Research, for the business and scientifically oriented reader.

Since both books dealt solely with the Business Cycle, it became necessary to apply the principles expounded in them to the Stock Market, as public awareness of the effects of planetary influences on mass investor psychology grew. This was accomplished through the author's Annual Business and Stock Market forecasts published in Dell's Horoscope Magazine since 1964, which have had an average accuracy of 80%. The unparalleled speculation in Gold and Silver during the past few years, had made it necessary to add information on those commodities.

This book is therefore divided into two sections,

Part 1, which deals with the Business Cycle

Part 2, which deals with the Stock Market, Stocks, and Precious Metals

To aid the general reader who may be unfamiliar with some of the technical terms used, an extensive glossary has been provided.

A word of caution is necessary. This book will not make you rich over night, nor will it signal the end of the world, as the popular "prophets of doom" would have you believe. But, it will show you how to keep ahead of double digit INFLATION in the years to come.

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