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Getting Started in Commodities

Sách viết dễ hiểu, chi tiết toàn bộ kiến thức về thị trường hàng hóa cần thiết cho người mới bắt đầu. Các loại hàng hoá, các yếu tố ảnh hưởng như cung cầu, mùa vụ. Cách thức giao dịch hàng hóa như thị trường chứng khoán hoặc thị trường phái sinh và các chiến thuật. Cách phân tích giá hàng hoá dựa trên phân tích cơ bản cung cầu và phân tích kỹ thuật. Tâm lý thị trường và quản lý vốn trong giao dịch hàng hoá.

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Commodities are everywhere; the world depends on them. Every person on this planet comes in contact with commodities every day. Since commodities affect important parts of your life, this information can be used to generate profits in the commodities and futures markets. For example, do you buy coffee? Do you notice the price changes from one day to the next? What about when you are filling your gas tank? We all feel the effects from rising and falling gasoline prices. So the first step in becoming a successful commodities trader is easy: Pay attention to what is going on around you. This book is designed as a guide to trading success in the commodity markets. It will show you how to get started in the diverse world of commodities trading and how to make a profit using this knowledge. The book is written with the novice reader in mind and starts at a very basic level, with an explanation of the different types of investments or trading vehicles that can be used to generate profits in the commodity markets. The reader is also introduced to various types of analysis tools, trading strategies, and risk management techniques. The book also explores finding the right broker, which is an extremely important part of becoming a successful trader in the commodity markets. So get ready to learn how commodities work, how to analyze these markets and identify profitable opportunities, and how to structure trades to maximize rewards while managing risk.

Key Summary Points

1. Commodities are all around us. Lumber, oil, wheat, gold, coffee, and sugar are a few examples.

2. Not all commodities are traded in the financial markets, but many are.

3. The first step in becoming a successful trader in the commodity markets is to understand which commodities are traded and which ones are not.

4. Some of the actively traded commodities today include metals such as gold and silver, agricultural goods like wheat and coffee, energy such as oil and natural gas, as well as livestock such as cattle and pork bellies.

What Is a Commodity? Energy(Oil, Gas), Agrricultural(Corn, Wheat, Coffee, Soybean), Soft(Rubber,) Metal(Gold, Platinum)

How the Commodities Markets Work 

Commodity Trading in the Stock Market 

Commodity Trading in the Index Markets 

Fundamental Analysis of the Commodities Markets 

Technical Analysis of the Commodities Markets 

Elliott Wave Trading for Commodities 

Options Trading in the Commodities Markets 

Money Management: Staying in the Game 

Psychology 101: Winning the Mind Game 

Trading Commodity-Related Growth Stocks 

Seasonal Commodity Patterns 

Brokers and the Online Revolution 

Putting It All Together

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