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Getting Started in Real Estate Day Trading

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Real Estate Day Trading: A New Way to Make Big Money Buying and Selling Houses the Same Day 

Click a Mouse, Sell a House: Real Estate Day Trading Is the Easiest and Fastest Way to Make $90,000 a Year (or More) while Keeping Your Job . . . If You Want To
Real Estate Day Trading Makes Failure a Thing of the Past 
Small Problems Appear Large through Novice Eyes 
Real Estate Day Trading Is a Confidence Builder 
Make $90,000 a Year (or More) while Keeping Your Present Job

Real Estate Day Trading: A Business Done Entirely by Phone, Fax, E-Mail, and Internet 
Time Line for a Typical Deal 
The 10-Step Day Trading Process 
Step 1. Define Your Target Properties 
Step 2. Separate Good Deals from Bad Deals 
Step 3. Build a Database of Motivated Buyers 
Step 4. Create an Influx of Motivated Sellers

Step 5. Put a Reliable Source of Funding in Place 
Step 6. Build Your Dream Team of Trained Professionals 
Step 7. Prepare Your Buying and Selling Contracts 
Step 8. Start Day Trading 
Step 9. Use Advanced Techniques to Create a Buying Frenzy 
Step 10. Take Yourself Out of the Loop 
What You Need to Get Started 

Set Up Your Own Day Trading Money System and Start Making $5,000 to $10,000 Cash Paydays in 30 Days 15

It’s Easier to Find a House for a Buyer than a Buyer for a House: Get Investors Lined Up to Buy (Wholesale) from You 
It’s All about Finding Houses for Buyers 
Real Estate Day Trading versus Real Estate Investment 
Think Like a Supplier 
What Kinds of Houses Do They Buy? 
Low Income Doesn’t Mean No Income 
Most Houses Are Not for You 
Goldilocks Houses—Not Too Big, Not Too Small, Just Right 
Avoid Townhouses and Condos, Multifamily Houses, and VA/FHA-Owned Houses

Instant Property Analysis to Identify Profitable Deals 
More Offers Mean More Money 
Two Simple Questions 
What Will It Sell for after It’s Repaired? 
How Much Will It Cost to Repair? 
A Third Question You Need to Ask 
Short Selling Is Not the Best Way to Day Trade Houses

Run the Numbers 
Do an Instant Property Analysis 
Buy Houses Sight Unseen 
An Exception to Fixer-Upper Properties—Instant Landlord Properties 
Day Trading Luxury Homes 
Three Types of Deals 
Day Trading Not Investing 
Make Your Deals Irresistible to Buyers

Use the Internet and Web 2.0 to Build a Database of Motivated Buyers 
Why You Need a Database of Buyers before You Ever Talk to Sellers or Realtors 
What Is a Database? 
Types of Database Software You Can Use 
Automate or Die 
Use Autoresponders to Stay in Constant Contact 
The Fortune Is in the Follow-Up 
Branding with Name, Logo, and Business Cards 
Ways to Build Your Buyers Database 
Tabbed Browsing to Speed Up Your Searching 
Answering Services and Call Capture Services to Handle Your
Incoming Phone Calls 
Answering Service 
Call Capture Service 
Vanity Numbers

Find Motivated Sellers—Cherry-Pick the Hottest Bargains at below Wholesale Prices 
Co-Op Advertising 
Bandit Signs 
Business Cards 
Classified Newspaper Ads and Free Online Classifieds 
Vehicle Signs 
Take One Box 
Door Hangers 
Promotional Items 
Ads on Buses and Bus Benches 
Direct Mail 
Estate Investors Associations 
Word-of-Mouth Advertising 
Bird Dogs 
Look for the Gap 
Houses Already on the Market 
Houses about to Hit the Market 
Vacant Houses 
Owners by Default 
Defaults and Foreclosures 

Tired Landlords 
Damaged Houses 
Farming a Market 

Secrets of Day Funding: Get 24-Hour Fast Cash 
Show Me the Money 
Where You Don’t Get the Money 
Borrow on Your Credit Cards 
Borrow on Your Life Insurance 
Borrow on Your Home
Open Reserve Checking Accounts 
Borrow from Your Self-Directed IRA 
Sell Nonessential, Personal Possessions on eBay 
Use Unsecured Peer-to-Peer Lending Sites 
Get Small Business Loans Online 
Try Short-Term Business Loans 
Use Microlenders 
Find Day Funders 
Get the Names and Addresses of Angel Investors in Your Area 
Consider Partners Carefully 

Assemble Your Virtual Online Dream Team 
With Real Estate Contractors, Professionalism Is Everything 
Know What You Are Looking For 
Find Good Rehab Contractors 
Prescreen General Rehab Contractors 

For Appraisers, Availability Is the Key 
Find a Good Appraiser 
Prescreen Appraisers 
When Choosing a Title Company, Service Is King 
Find Title Companies 
Home Inspection Services 
Find a Good Home Inspection Service 
Prescreen Home Inspection Services 
Real Estate Attorneys Protect Your Back 
Find a Good Real Estate Attorney 
Prescreen Real Estate Attorneys 

Risk-Free, Win-Win, Simple Contracts: Structure Buying and Selling Contracts to Make Your Deals Risk Free 
Contracts for Buying through Realtors 
Contracts for Buying from Owners/Sellers 
Clauses in Contracts to Buy Properties 
Must-Have Clauses in Contracts with Sellers 
One Clause That You Do Not Need 
Contracts for Selling to Investors 
Addendums to Contracts of Sale 

Negotiation Scripts and Tips for Getting Your Deals Accepted 
What to Say on Your First Phone Call to Owners/Sellers 
What to Say on Your First Phone Call to Realty Listing Agents 
Make Multiple Offers with One Deposit Check 
Provide Proof of Funds 
Negotiating One-Liners That Work Like a Charm 

Secrets to Successful Negotiations 
Adopt a Win-Win Attitude 
Develop and Maintain Trust 
Use Your Power of Leverage 
Be Patient and Confident 
Always Be Willing to Walk Away 

Due Diligence: Separating Fact from Opinion—Verify Everything They Told You on the First Phone Call 
Order the Title Search
Control Contractors to Get a Valid Repair Estimate 
Treat Good Contractors Like Gold 
Use Home Inspectors for Properties That Need a Lot of Work 
Find Out the Real Deal on the Neighborhood 
Cancel a Contract and/or Negotiate a Better Deal 
Validate Appraisals to Find Out What the Property Is Really Worth 
Read/Evaluate an Appraisal Report in Three Seconds Flat 

Online Bidding Wars: Create an Insider List of Prequalified, Supermotivated Buyers Who Can and Will Buy Your Houses in Two Hours or Less 
Turn Up the Heat and Create a Buying Frenzy 
The Secret of the Whisper Campaign 
Scarcity of Time 
Scarcity of Access: Create a Two-Hour Head Start Short List 
Make Sure They Are Qualified before You Click Send 
Hard Money Lenders Prequalify Your Buyers for You 
Secure Backup Contracts 
Get Contract Extensions from Your Seller 

Let’s Get Paid: Bought at 10:00 am, Sold at 10:30 am 
Creative Ways to Close Your Deals without Money 
Assignment of Contract 
Assignment of Beneficial Interest 
Subject To 
Simultaneous Closing 
Physical Closing 

Duplicate and Delegate: Put 92 Percent of the Work on Autopilot and Streamline the Rest 
Duplicate Yourself 
Hire Virtual Assistants 
Hire In-House Property Acquisition Managers 
Property Acquisition Managers: Commission-Based Employees 
Hiring Property Acquisition Managers 
Managing Property Acquisition Managers 

Quick Start Your $5,000 to $10,000 Day Trading Paydays 
Now What Do You Do? 
Four-Step Quick-Start Checklist 
Advanced Day Trading Education—Yours Free 

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