How to Attract birds to Your Garden

How to Attract birds to Your Garden Foods They Like, Plants They Love, Shelter They Need.

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Birds share our world. For me they have been, and will always be, a vital part of my life.

Since the age of four, I have loved birds. It all began when we created a bird feeding box to go onto the garden wall. Our family home is near a park with plenty of trees nearby and the number of birds in the garden always fascinated me. The feeding box brought in even more birds, and I started to notice details about them and their habits. The same feeding box is still alive and well-ish on the wall in the garden and continues to attract house sparrows and starlings. My parents, especially my dad, have always encouraged my obsession with birds and the natural world, allowing me to take over the garden with my creations, filling every corner with a nest box or feeding station of some kind. Since childhood I have taken my binoculars and birdspotting book with me on every family holiday and day trip. My love for birds has increased as I find out more about them, and I now try to encourage others to appreciate birds as much as I do. With many species declining due to lack of space and nesting opportunities, it’s vitally important that we now take birds into our lives, and the garden is the best place to start. Birds don’t care whether you live in a flat with a balcony, in a busy street, or in a house with acres of land; everyone can attract birds to their outdoor space as I have done. In the first chapter of this book you will find basic information on birds’ lives and behavior. There follow chapters on feeding, nesting, planting for birds, adding water to your outdoor space, and keeping birds safe. At the end of the book are profiles of 56 birds you may see in your garden. Some birds are so familiar that we hardly notice them, but all have their own habits and traits. I hope that by starting to adapt your garden for birds you will gain a greater appreciation and enjoyment of every type of bird, and that your garden will be filled with life and interest all year round.

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