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Kellogg on Marketing 3rd edition

Kellogg on Marketing 3rd edition. The marketing faculty of the kellogg school of management.

  • 145,000đ
  • Mã sản phẩm: KE5481
  • Tình trạng: 2

Part 1 Marketing Strategy and Tactics 1

1 Marketing in the Age of Disruption 3

Alexander Chernev and Philip Kotler

2 The Fall of the Four Ps and the Rise of Strategic Marketing 19

Alexander Chernev and Philip Kotler

3 The Framework for Marketing Management 33

Alexander Chernev

Part 2 Marketing as an Engine of Business

Growth 51

4 Creating Value to Disrupt Markets 53

Lakshman Krishnamurthi and Rebecca Devine

5 Customer Centricity as a Business Strategy 71

Tom O’Toole

6 Emptor Cognita: Competitive Advantage through Buyer Learning 87

Gregory S. Carpenter

7 Defensive Market Strategy 99

Tim Calkins

Part 3 Developing a Winning Marketing

Strategy 115

8 Target Market Analysis: How to Identify the Right Customers 117

Julie Hennessy

9 Defining Customer Segments: Four Steps for Successful Market

Segmentation 131

Kent Grayson

10 Crafting a Positioning Strategy: Capturing the Customer

Mindshare 151

Kevin McTigue

Part 4 Creating Value with Brands 167

11 Building Strong Brands 169

Alexander Chernev

12 Creating a Meaningful Brand Image 189

Neal J. Roese

13 Brand Resilience: Surviving a Brand Crisis 205

Jonathan Copulsky

Part 5 Crafting a Successful Communication

Campaign 225

14 Managing Advertising: From Strategic Planning to Creative

Review 227

Derek D. Rucker

15 Developing an Impactful Communication Campaign 247

Kevin McTigue

16 Marketing in the Metaverse 261

Mohan Sawhney

Part 6 Designing Effective Distribution

Channels 279

17 Strategic Channel Management 281

Julie Hennessy and Jim Lecinski

18 Go-to-Market Omnichannel Design 305

Jim Lecinski

19 Sales as Storytelling 321

Craig Wortmann

Part 7 Data-Driven Marketing 335

20 Leading with AI and Analytics 337

Eric T. Anderson and Florian Zettelmeyer

21 Leveraging Technology to Manage the Customer Experience 351

Aparna A. Labroo


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