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Từ khóa: Love, psychology, Attraction


Love the Psychology of Attraction

Sách hình ảnh, infographic các vấn đề tâm lý trong tình yêu. 

Đặt in màu tại HoaXanh. Sách màu in trên giấy thường hoặc giấy bóng lán

  • 160,000đ
  • Thương hiệu: DK Publishing
  • Mã sản phẩm: LOV203014
  • Tình trạng: 2

This book takes you through the process of finding love. You’ll begin with the most fundamental part of finding a relationship, and also the most often overlooked: your relationship with yourself. You, after all, are what you’ll be bringing to the relationship, and the science suggests that those of us who can get our own psyches in good order are the most likely to have the happiest relationships. After this, the book then goes through the stages of searching for a partner: meeting new people, how to identify a great prospect and how to spot a waste of time, and how to steer a safe, sane course through the choppy waters of the dating scene.

You’ll also learn about the psychology of establishing and maintaining a solid relationship in the long term. Having just picked up this book, it’s likely that you’re fairly early in this process, but do read the later chapters: if a solid long-term relationship is what you’re aiming for, knowing what you want equips you to weed out those who don’t want or can’t offer it.

To be clear: love is your biological foundation—your ancestral legacy. It’s love that makes us human, and it’s love that keeps us alive as a species. Some of us are luckier in finding it than others, but if luck hasn’t been running your way, a bit of knowledge might just be what you need to give it a push in the right direction. A book can’t conjure up Mr. or Ms. Right, but what it can do is build your confidence, your psychological health, and your positive habits. It can help you to nurture a greater capacity to give and receive love, and send you into the dating scene as a newly informed expert. The world is full of people who want love, and one of them might just be right for you.

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