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Mindset Secrets for Winning Mark Minervini

How to Bring Personal Power to Everything You Do Business, Sports & Life.

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What makes a person extraordinary—a top achiever, a winner, a champion? For all of my adult life, I’ve been fascinated with this question as I studied how elite performers from every corner of the world become the best in their fields. Here’s what I learned: Virtually all the highest achievers agree that the mental side of training is just as important as the physical side. After winning seven Olympic gold medals, Mark Spitz said, “The difference between winning and losing is 99 percent psychological.” Golfing legend Jack Nicklaus wrote that mental preparation is the single-most critical element in peak performance. Yet outside this select group, few individuals have a specific mental strategy to improve and optimize their thinking to achieve success. While the human body has its natural limits, the mind’s potential is unlimited. This has been pivotal for me: By changing my thinking, I transformed my life. And so can you!

Every day, I apply what I’ve learned from a lifetime of discovery to create my own success, and not just financially. By doing what inspires me, I can pursue what I am most passionate about and shape my own destiny. In this book, I share the specific mindset “secrets” that have made a difference not only in my performance, but also in the quality of my life. My goal is to share the key takeaways and mental techniques I’ve learned over the years—techniques that I have used to win—so you can put these lessons into practice in your own endeavors.

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