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Từ khóa: keyboard, piano, music, dummies


Piano and Keyboard All in One for Dummies 6 Books in 1

Học về lý thuyết âm nhạc, về keyboard, Piano dành cho người mới, có 6 quyển sách trong 1.

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  • 280,000đ
  • Mã sản phẩm: TEENS
  • Tình trạng: 2


Book I: Piano & Keyboard 101
Warming Up to the Piano and Keyboard
Looking at the Different Keyboard Options
Choosing and Buying Your Keyboard
The Setup and Care of Your Instrument
Getting Comfy at the Keyboard 

Book II: Understanding Theory and the Language of Music 
Looking at Notes and Beats
Stopping for a Rest 
Tempo, Measures, and Time Signatures
Navigating Sheet Music
Varying Beats and Rhythms 

Book III: Beginning to Play 
Playing a Melody
Working with Scales
Adding the Left Hand 
Examining Form: Melody, Harmony, and Song Form
Keys, Key Signatures, and the Circle of Fifths 
Building Chords to Accompany Melodies

Book IV: Refining Your Technique and Exploring Styles
Adding Effects and Flair to Your Piano Playing
Getting into the Groove
Going Classical
Perusing Popular Genres and Forms

Book V: Exercises: Practice, Practice, Practice
Developing Hand Technique 
Extending Your Scales
 Improving Finger Coordination and Footwork 
Jumping Across the Keyboard
Exercising with Arpeggios and Alternating Hands
Stepping Up to Octaves and Chord Progressions 

Book VI: Exploring Electronic Keyboard Technology
Choosing Sounds and Ef fects
Adding Accompaniment, Rhythm Patterns, and Arpeggiation
Recording and Editing Your Sounds
Using Onboard Learning Systems 
Playing Along with Recordings and Using Music Software 

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