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Retail Management a Strategic Approach 13th Edition

Retail Management a Strategic Approach 13th Edition.

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  • Mã sản phẩm: RET231942
  • Tình trạng: 2


PART 1 An Overview of Strategic Retail Management

Chapter 1 An Introduction to Retailing 

Chapter 2 Building and Sustaining Relationships in Retailing

Chapter 3 Strategic Planning in Retailing

PART 2 Situation Analysis 109

Chapter 4 Retail Institutions by Ownership 

Chapter 5 Retail Institutions by Store-Based Strategy Mix 

Chapter 6 Web, Nonstore-Based, and Other Forms of Nontraditional


PART 3 Targeting Customers and Gathering 



Chapter 7 Identifying and Understanding Consumers 

Chapter 8 Information Gathering and Processing in Retailing 

PART 4 Choosing a Store Location 239

Chapter 9 Trading-Area Analysis 

Chapter 10 Site Selection 

PART 5 Managing a Retail Business 291

Chapter 11 Retail Organization and Human Resource Management 292

Chapter 12 Operations Management: Financial Dimensions 315

Chapter 13 Operations Management: Operational Dimensions 332

PART 6 Merchandise Management and Pricing

Chapter 14 Developing Merchandise Plans

Chapter 15 Implementing Merchandise Plans

Chapter 16 Financial Merchandise Management

Chapter 17 Pricing in Retailing

PART 7 Communicating with the Customer 459

Chapter 18 Establishing and Maintaining a Retail Image

Chapter 19 Promotional Strategy

PART 8 Putting It All Together

Chapter 20 Integrating and Controlling the Retail Strategy

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