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From the age of eight, I had huge fun building models. The sense of achievement I had when they occasionally worked is amongst my most treasured memories. They ranged from cranes to aeroplanes, models of famous buildings, or, on one occasion, a mechanical contraption for passing written messages across the ceiling of my classroom. Amazingly, it was a long time before my teacher tumbled to what we were doing in class. I once made a radio amplifier from cheap components. I turned on the power, there was a humming noise, and blue smoke filled the dining room!

Nearly all my models initially ended in failure. Failure is very important because if we use it properly, we learn from our mistakes and rebuild with great improvement. All scientists encounter failure regularly; only by embracing it do we eventually get our experiments to work.

Modelling is really important, especially for scientists, engineers, and architects. Nobody would dream of designing a structure like a bridge or a stadium without making models first. This helps them understand the science behind the structures, the mathematical principles involved, and how recalculation may be needed to achieve their final ambition. Even the simplest experiments in this book show how modelling can help resolve practical problems. How does the Air freshener (page 74) behave at lower temperatures, or high humidity, for example? Test yours and find out.

The models and projects in this book allow you to consider improvements yourself. For example, the sturdy Bottle raft (page 18) offers possibilities. It might even be powered by an elastic band and wooden paddles, by a sail and wind power, or by a tiny electric fan. When my daughter was eight years old, she and I built a fan-powered boat as a school project. We even raced it across the swimming pool! It was a huge success, and several versions were then made by her classmates.

You’ll also want to think about materials. Materials scientists calculate what are the most practical substances to increase strength, for example, or reduce weight. What are the best materials for the blades of the Wind turbine (page 30) or the mainspring of the Wind-up car (page 10)? As you build the projects in this book, you may find alternative materials that help you to construct more effective models. And the more care you take in measuring the components precisely and drawing straight lines and accurate angles, the more pleasure you will get from seeing an effective working machine that you built yourself.

I hope you enjoy exploring science, technology, engineering, and maths in action as much as I have enjoyed doing so with my own models.

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