Supercraft Easy Projects for Every Weekend by Sophie Pester, Catharina Bruns. 

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  • Thương hiệu: DK Publishing
  • Mã sản phẩm: SUP123018
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A desire to work with our hands to produce something unique is one of the most fundamental human instincts. It is an urge that hasn’t been lost in our consumerist society or in this digital age; if anything, it’s growing stronger. These days, people make things themselves because they want to and not because they have to. Our office jobs, the stress of everyday life, and the long hours we spend sitting at desks mean we do lots of brain work, but very little with our hands. And yet, creative handicrafts offer a kind of self-fulfillment which is all too often unattainable elsewhere in the modern world. We understand the rewards to be gained from working with your hands, so we want this book to support your creative design aspirations. It offers 52 ideas for a whole year of crafting—from simple, but original and quickly accomplished little novelties, to more elaborate projects for skilled crafters. Whether you want to make something for the home or your wardrobe, for the garden or for traveling, there’s something here for you. Some of the creations can be made with children (the DIY lifestyle can’t begin early enough), while others are for you alone, for when you want to treat yourself to a few hours of productive me-time, spent immersed in your hobby. Do-it-yourself doesn’t just mean knitting or crocheting; at its core it is far more important than that. It is about being independent, and, importantly, fulfills a desire to prove to yourself and other people: I can do this and it’s fun! You hone your own skills as you develop from being a consumer to a producer and you become less dependent on easily available, readymade offerings. Plus, you have something beautiful and truly unique to show for your work. “Do more yourself” has become our personal motto. We are passionate DIYers, designers, and founders of Supercraft, which produces do-it-yourself kits for people who love being creative. Through the handmade market that we put on once a year, we know that these days there isn’t just a demand to buy handmade products, but also ever-increasing numbers of people who want to make their own lovely things rather than buying them ready made. We want to encourage this trend.

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