Supercraft Christmas

Supercraft Christmas Craft Your Way Through More Than 40 Festive Projects.

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This unique winter festival is a time for contemplation and togetherness, but also a celebration of special wishes, gifts, and presents. That is probably why Christmas is such a great time to be creative; there is no better way to express your love and affection than with home-made gifts and personalized decorations. As you will see, the yuletide spirit can be created in just a few easy steps. What would Christmas be without the familiar evocative aromas, the festive ornaments, and the twinkling eyes of excited children having fun? This book is crammed with wonderful ideas for a creative Christmas: from DIY decorations and gifts, to imaginative gift-wrapping ideas, and super-quick last-minute projects. Because – quite honestly – who has time to spare at this time of year? To guarantee a festive mood without the preparations degenerating into a total stress melt-down, we have been particularly careful to design the projects here to be simple to achieve while still being impressive. Most are not too time-consuming and can be made over the Christmas period with materials you may well already have tucked away in cupboards at home. We want to inspire you to make lovely little offerings for your friends and family, and to conjure up a relaxed and beautiful holiday by getting in touch with your inner creative spirit. Many of the crafting ideas in the book can also be made with children. After all, the most important thing at Christmas is to find time for each other and to make things nice and cosy!

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