The National Parks Discover all 62 National Parks of the United States

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National parks are areas of outstanding beauty. They are established by acts of Congress and given the highest level of protection by the Department of the Interior. Managed by the National Park Service, the parks’ vast landscapes, wildernesses, forests, waterways, caves, cultural heritage, and wildlife are safeguarded for the enjoyment of us all.

How many are there?: 62 national parks; seven are also preserves When was the National Park Service founded?: 1916 Visitors each year: More than 84 million First park: Yellowstone; established in 1872 Most visited park: Great Smoky Mountains Least visited park: Gates of the Arc tic.

Several national parks, especially those in Alaska, are coupled with a national preserve. These areas often allow hunting, trapping, and fishing, so that longstanding communities can carry on a trad itional way of life. Oil and gas exploration and mining are also allowed in some preserves.

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