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Trading basics evolution of a trader by Thomas N Bulkowski

Trading basics evolution of a trader by Thomas N Bulkowski

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  • Mã sản phẩm: TRA091142
  • Tình trạng: 2

Chapter 1 how to retire at 36 1

Chapter Checklist 4

Chapter 2 Money Management 7

Trading: How Much Money, Honey? 8

Order Types: Read the Fine Print! 10

Position Sizing: My Story 12

Position Sizing by Market Condition:

Bull or Bear? 13

How Many Stocks to Hold? 15

A Better Way? Portfolio Composition 16

Hold Time: How Long Is Long Enough? 18

Hold Time: My Trades 19

The Money Management Matrix 19

Should You Scale into Positions? 21

Averaging Down: Throwing Away

Money or Smart Choice? 28

Scaling Out of Positions:

A Profi table Mistake? 31


Good or Bad? 34

Using Leverage: An Expensive

Lesson! 35

Leverage Guidelines Checklist 36

Chapter Checklist 37

Chapter 3 Do Stops Work? 41

What Is Hold Time Loss? 42

Mental Stop: For Professionals Only! 44

Minor High or Low Stop: A Good Choice 45

Squaring Off Round Numbers 46

Chart Pattern Stop: Too Costly? 47

Stopped by a Moving Average 47

The Truth about Trendlines 48

Trendline Stop 49

Fibonacci Retrace Stop: Deal or Dud? 50

Fixed Percentage Trailing Stop 53

Volatility Stop 53

Chandelier Stop Leaves You Hanging 55

Testing Six Stop Types 55

What I Use 59

Chapter Checklist 61

Chapter 4 Support and Resistance 63

Types of Support and Resistance 64

Measured Move Support and Resistance 65

Minor High Resistance 66

Volume at Minor High Resistance 67

Minor Low Support 67

Volume at Minor Low Support 68

Minor High Support 68

Minor Low Resistance 69

Gaps Showing Support and Resistance 70

Myth: Tall Candle Support and Resistance 70

Horizontal Consolidation Regions 71

Another Look at Round Numbers 72

Support in Straight‐Line Runs 72

Resistance in Straight‐Line Runs 74

SAR Summary 75

Chapter Checklist 76

Chapter 5 45 Tips Every Trader Should Know 79

Determining Stock or Market Direction 97

Finding the Market Bottom 102

Visual Tips 122

Chapter Checklist 130

Chapter 6 Finding and Fixing What Is Wrong 135

What Was the Market Behavior? 136

Was the Industry Trending? 137

How Is the Timing? 139

Are All Entry Conditions Met? 142

Was the Position Size Proper? 144

Was an Initial Stop Used? 144

Did You Exit Before the Stop? 145

What Was the Risk/Reward Ratio? 146

Did You Average Up? 147

Did You Average Down? 147

Are You Buying Out of Season? 148

Trading Checklist 149

Chapter Checklist 151

Chapter 7 What We Learned 153

Chapter 1: How to Retire at 36 153

Chapter 2: Money Management 153

Chapter 3: Do Stops Work? 155

Chapter 4: Support and Resistance 156

Chapter 5: 45 Tips Every Trader

Should Know 157

Chapter 6: Finding and Fixing|

What Is Wrong 161

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