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Trading Fixed Income and FX in Emerging Markets

Trading Fixed Income and FX in Emerging Markets. Giao dịch các loại trái phiếu và tiền tệ trong thị trường mới nổi. Một cuốn sách tham khảo dành cho những người làm chính sách, các nhà kinh tế và các sinh viên ngành tài chính, ngân hàng.

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“This book is required reading for practitioners, policy makers, and economists who want to understand Emerging Market investments. It is authoritative, comprehensive, and careful. I greatly enjoyed every chapter.” —Tobias Adrian, Financial Counsellor to the Managing Director, Director of Monetary and Capital Markets department, IMF

“A must-read book not only for those trading fixed income or FX in emerging markets but for all those interested in how EM financial markets actually work. I didn’t know how little I knew until I read this.” —Prof. Willem Buiter, CBE, FBA, Visiting Professor of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University, former MPC member at the Bank of England and Chief Economist at Citi

“This book contains many insights into the dynamics of emerging market currencies and fixed-income instruments and should be required reading for traders, policymakers, and academics involved in this exciting field.” —Prof. Andrew Lo, Professor at MIT Sloan School of Management, Chairman Emeritus AlphaSimplex Group

“This is a rare book. Not only is it essential reading for portfolio managers and traders in the EM space, but it is also extremely useful for central bankers and other policy makers. Among others, it provides relevant insights on the impact of global financial conditions -particularly actions by the Fed-on EM rates and foreign exchange and on the ability (and restrictions) of central banks to conduct independent monetary policy” —Prof. Guillermo Ortiz, Chairman Latin America x Brazil, BTG Pactual, former governor of the Central Bank and Secretary of Finance and Public Credit, Mexico

This book is required reading for both novices and emerging market experts. The authors offer invaluable lessons not only for EM traders and portfolio managers, but also for economists, policy makers and academics. The book is very thoroughly researched and, no doubt, will become the gold standard for emerging market fixed income. —Prof. Nouriel Roubini, Professor at the Stern School of Business, NYU, and Host of NourialToday.com

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