Trading Triads

Unlocking the secrets of market structure and trading in any market. Felipe Tudela.

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The Road to a New Level of Mastery 

The Ageless Science of Trading

Why Most Traders Fail

The Key to Success in the Market 


The Oscillatory Nature of Markets: Their Component Elements 

Market Science, the Science of Oscillations 

The Key Elements of Market Behavior

The Fundamental Market Structure 


How to Measure Oscillations 

The Primordial Market Cycle 

Measuring the Market 

The Meaningful Swing 


Market Phases: Learning to Recognize Them Is Your First Step Towards Success 

The Origin and Nature of Market Phases 

The Wheel of Time 

The Inner Structure of All Patterns 


Market Strength: The Conditions for a Change of Phase 

The Fundamental Market Structure: The Key to Market Strength 

The Energy Factor 

The Time Factor 

Market Time as Different from Clock Time 


Basic Principles and Strategies for Trading Success 

Using the Fundamental Market Structure to Trade the Markets 

A Trading Strategy That is Not Exclusive of Other Trading Methods 

The Difference Between Patterns and Principles 

Basic Trading Strategy 


The Key Buying and Selling Patterns 

Waiting Patterns 

Buying Patterns 

Selling Patterns 


The Mastery of Fluctuations: How to Develop Your Sixth Sense of the Market 

The Arithmetic Measuring Method 

Measure Market Swings Before Trading

Building up Your Sixth Sense 


How to Trade with Indicators while Avoiding False Signals 

Why Mathematical Indicators Give So Many False Signals 

The Power of a Simple Moving Average 

Trading Triads with Indicators 


Trading Patterns with Triads 

Trading Tops and Bottoms 

Trading Triangles 

Trading Gaps 


The Only Way to Succeed: Control Your Risk 

Why You Must Never Overtrade

Looking for the Right Risk/Reward Ratio


Money Management Is Easier Than You Think 

Money Management Is the Secret 

The Logic of Money Management 

Complex Mathematics Versus Intuitive Simplicity: The Tools of Money Management 


How to Find a Trading System or Method That Really Works 

What Works: Its Key Element 

The Secret About Secret Methods 

The Logic of Boundaries and Money Management 


How to Create a Trading Plan 

Find an Idea 

Develop and Test Your Ideas 

Put Everything Into Writing: Create an Operating Manual 


Now Try This Simple Experiment 

Build Your Trading Laboratory 

Create Your First Trading System 

Now Do It

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