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Values at Work Sustainable Investing and ESG Reporting

Values at Work Sustainable Investing and ESG Reporting Daniel C. Esty, Todd Cort

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With authors whose knowledge of sustainable investing and business practices

is second to none, Values at Work cuts through the confusion and

complexity surrounding ESG reporting to pinpoint what really matters,

where the industry is going, and how serious investors can take full advantage

of the trends.”

—Martin Whittaker, Chief Executive Officer, JUST Capital

“The trend towards sustainable investing has accelerated. But measurable

impact on the planet hasn’t followed. Values at Work offers a clear call to

action in outlining what’s needed for the sustainable investment community

to create meaningful change in the coming critical decade.”

—Charlotte Kaiser, Managing Director of NatureVest, The Nature


“At the heart of sustainable finance is the need to connect capital flows to

the corporate actors who are true innovators in developing best practices and

leading the way to a sustainable future by incorporating ESG values into their

operations and policies. Values at Work offers the roadmap for investors who

want to get to this future.”

—Robert Jenkins, Global Head of Research, Refinitiv/Lipper

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