Visual Guide to Elliott Wave Trading

Hướng dẫn giao dịch theo sóng Elliott là cuốn sách do Bloomberg Financial Phát hành với nhiều ví dụ thực tế được trình bày bằng hình màu. Các ví dụ trực quan sinh động từ cổ phiếu, hàng hoá đến chỉ số phái sinh index.

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Visual Guide to Elliott Wave Trading is a must-have book on how to use the Elliott Wave Principle— how to use it to fi nd trades, assess trades, enter trades, manage trades throughout by raising or lowering protective stops, and exit trades.

Visual Guide to Elliott Wave Trading assumes a basic familiarity with the Wave Principle and its application. Much like a strategy book for chess assumes a basic knowledge of how the pieces move around the board, this book assumes a basic knowledge of the various patterns of the Wave Principle and how they fi t together.

Both of us have traded for a living at one time or another. Each of us during those times used the Elliott Wave Principle as our primary discipline. Visual Guide to Elliott Wave Trading walks you through a highly personal journey of our thought processes throughout each trade: what we looked at, what we ignored, what we did right, and what we did wrong.

We do not present perfect-world examples that will leave you convinced that you can trade your way to wealth in 30 minutes while golfi ng the rest of the day. Rather, we have tried to produce a realistic trading book, warts and all, recognizing that while there may be no one perfect way to trade, there are various ways to trade successfully using the Wave Principle as your primary discipline.


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