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A Slice of Organic Life

It’s now clear to most people that we need to learn how to live within nature’s limits. Even if you’re still not fully convinced by the science of climate change, there is, nevertheless, more than enough evidence to justify taking precautions.

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This beautifully illustrated book is a treasury of practical information. The projects that Sheherazade Goldsmith proposes are simple object lessons in ecology and conservation that not so long ago were part of our everyday education. We used to eat food in season, gather it locally, and eat it with family. We used to treasure varieties of fruits and vegetables for flavor. We saved paper, cleaned with vinegar and, when I was a child, we used real glass milk bottles that we returned to the milkman to be refilled at the dairy. But with the ever-increasing premiums placed on convenience and homogeneity, all this has changed. Now, with the survival of the planet at stake, we need to relearn these basic lessons in sustainability.

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