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Candlesticks, Fibonacci, and Chart pattern Trading Tools

A synergistic strategy to enhance profits and reduce risk.

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Many investors are unhappy with the performance of investment advisors and funds in the past couple of years and want to make their own trading decisions, using the analytic tools and the advice they have accumulated. This book presents easy, reliable trading tools, together with the trading rules to apply them to real-time trading.

Many investment strategies have been presented in books, market letters, and other media. In this book, we describe those tools that appear to work best, and we integrate them into a manageable and understandable trading strategy. Combining different strategies correctly can improve every investor’s chances of success under different market conditions. Most importantly, we concentrate on strategies that every experienced investor can easily understand and execute with the WINPHI charting program that is provided on a CD-ROM at the end of this book.

With all the sophisticated computer models that are available, you might think that investing and making money would be getting easier. But just the opposite has happened. At no time in history has so much money been lost so fast, and not only the small investors have suffered. The big investment companies also have had unimpressive performances even though presumably they had all the necessary tools to beat the markets. This clearly shows that crunching numbers with a computer does not ensure success. For many years, we have concentrated on pattern recognition, a technique with proven reliability even when computers are not available.

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