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English for Everyone Business English Practice book 1

English for Everyone Business English Practice book 1.

  • 50,000đ
  • Mã sản phẩm: EN5395
  • Tình trạng: 1

How the course works 8

Meeting new colleagues 12

New language Alphabet and spelling

Vocabulary Introductions and greetings

New skill Introducing yourself to co-workers

Everyday work activities 15

New language Present simple

Vocabulary Work activities

New skill Talking about workplace routines

Vocabulary 18

Countries and continents

Business around the world 20

New language Negative statements

Vocabulary Countries and nationalities

New skill Saying where things are from

Vocabulary Office equipment 24

Asking questions at work 26

New language Forming questions

Vocabulary Office equipment

New skill Asking colleagues questions

Exchanging details 29

New language Short answers

Vocabulary Contact information

New skill Exchanging contact details

New language “Have,” “have got,” articles

Vocabulary Jobs and skills

New skill Writing a business profile

Vocabulary 36

Jobs and employment

Choosing a job 38

New language “Like,” “enjoy,” and “hate”

Vocabulary Workplace activities

New skill Finding the right job

Describing your workplace 40

New language “There is” and “there are”

Vocabulary Office equipment

New skill Describing a workplace

Vocabulary 42

Money, pay, and conditions

Personal qualities 44

New language Possessive adjectives

Vocabulary Personality traits

New skill Describing your co-workers

Describing your job 48

New language Adjectives and comparatives

Vocabulary Money and pay

New skill Describing your job to someone

Workplace routines 52

New language Prepositions of time

Vocabulary Commuting and transportation

New skill Describing routines

Vocabulary 56

Routines and free time

Hobbies and habits 58

New language Adverbs of frequency

Vocabulary Hobbies and habits

New skill Talking about free time

Past events 62

New language The past simple

Vocabulary Activities outside work

New skill Talking about past events

Dates and times 66

New language When things happen

Vocabulary Telling the time

New skill Making appointments

Career history 68

New language Past simple irregular verbs

Vocabulary Jobs and workplaces

New skill Talking about previous jobs

Company history 71

New language Past simple with time markers

Vocabulary Describing trends

New skill Describing a company’s history

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