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Trade Like an O'Neil Disciple

How We Made 18,000% in the Stock Market. GIL MORALES AND DR. CHRIS KACHER.

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In the trading cockpit with the O'Neil disciples


CHAPTER 1 The Evolution of Excellence:

The O’Neil Trading Method 1

Preparation, Study, and Practice 2

Buy Expensive—Not Cheap—Stocks 4

Averaging Down 5

Cutting Losses Quickly 5

Taking Profits Too Soon—Letting Your Winners Run 6

Position Concentration 7

Dealing in Big Stocks and Institutional Sponsorship 8

Chart Patterns 9

Pivotal Points versus Pivot Points 12

Timing the Market: When to Be In, When to Be Out 13

Emotions and Predictions 14

Listening to Opinions, News, and Tips 15

Overtrading 16

The O’Neil Approach: Techno-Fundamentalism 17

Conclusion 17

CHAPTER 2 How Chris Kacher Made Over

18,000 Percent in the Stock

Market Over Seven Years 19

Gaining a Foothold in the Business 20

1996—“Y2K” Stocks Put Me Over the Top 22

1997—Keeping Profits during the Asian Contagion 27

1998—Demoralization Sets In Just Before the Market

Takes Off 29

1999—The Bubble Expands 31

2000—The Bubble Bursts 35

2001—A Lesson in Shorting 37

2002 to Present—Choppy, Sideways Markets and the Birth

of the Pocket Pivot 39

CHAPTER 3 How Gil Morales Made Over 11,000

Percent in the Stock Market 43

A Rocky Start Turns Golden 44

Climbing on Board the Rocket Ride 46

Joining the 1,000 Percent Club 49

Oracle Bubbles Up 50

Patience and a Watchful Eye 53

Cleared for Take-Off 54

Verisign: The “Spice in the Soup” 56

Sitting Not Thinking 60

Closing In on the Top 62

The Theme of Success 64

The Secret Ingredients 65

CHAPTER 4 Failing Forward 67

The Psychology of Success Lies in Taming the Ego 68

Learning from Our Mistakes 72

Problems, Situations, and Solutions 107


CHAPTER 5 Tricks of the Trade 127

Dr. K’s Laboratory: The Pocket Pivot Advantage 128

Characteristics of Pocket Pivots 131

Definition of a Pocket Pivot Buy Point 132

Pocket Pivots and Standard Breakout Buy Points 133

Buying “in the Pocket” 136

Bottom-Fishing with Pocket Pivots 149

Continuation Pocket Pivots: Using the 10-Day Moving

Average 153

Improper or “Do Not Buy” Pocket Pivot Points 157

Using Moving Averages as Sell Guides 163

Dr. K’s Laboratory: Buying Gap-Ups in Leading Stocks 165

Selling Techniques Using the 10-Day and 50-Day

Moving Averages 173

Putting It All Together 177

Conclusion 185

CHAPTER 6 Riding the Bear Wave: Timely Tools

for Selling Stocks Short 186

The Golden Rules of Short-Selling 187

Short-Sale Set-Ups 192

Shorting Rocket Stocks 221

Conclusion 224

CHAPTER 7 Dr. K’s Market Direction Model 226

Timing the Market 226

Chart Examples 234

Stealing the Model’s Secrets 243

Timing Model FAQ 244

Conclusion 259

CHAPTER 8 Our Bill of Commandments 260

Misconceptions 260

Surviving by Keeping Ego in Check 263

The First Commandment 265

The Second Commandment 265

The Third Commandment 267

The Fourth Commandment 267

The Fifth Commandment 267

The Sixth Commandment 268

The Seventh Commandment 268

The Eighth Commandment 268

The Ninth Commandment 269

The Tenth Commandment 269

Conclusion 270

CHAPTER 9 In the Trenches with Bill O’Neil 272

1997–1998 272

1999–2000 286

The Great Bear of 2001–2002 307

2003–2005 Bull Market 318

Conclusion 329

CHAPTER 10 Trading Is Life; Life Is Trading 331

Ed Seykota: Teaching a Technique That Has Helped

Traders around the World 332

Eckhart Tolle: Helping People Achieve Inner Peace and

Greater Fulfillment, a Prerequisite to Optimized

Trading and Living 334

Esther Hicks: Teacher of the Law of Attraction 340

Jack Canfield: Seminal Works on Personal Optimization 341

Psychological Checklist: Questions to Ask Yourself 343

Parallels between Teachings 345

In Conclusion 346

APPENDIX Dr. K’s Top 50 Wall Street Books 347

About the Authors 351

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