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Từ khóa: Timing, techniques, commodity, futures, Markets


Timing Techniques for Commodity Futures Markets

Timing Techniques for Commodity Futures Markets...10 quyển sách về commodity >>

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This book is designed for professionals, as well as for those who are new to commodities and futures markets. It assumes basic knowledge and does not replicate the excellent fact-based textbooks that already exist. Most standard textbooks describe a wide range of indicators and theory, as well as what they do individually. The thrust of this book is different. It focuses intensively on indicators that really work, and—this is the essential point—it shows how to use them together with each other. For experienced traders, there is certain to be much that restates well-known concepts. Nevertheless, one thing remains constant for every trader, however seasoned: Change is constant, and a new point of view may provide the insight for one or more of those great trades that make futures trading spectacularly worthwhile. The opportunities for success in futures market, which are indeed unlimited, feature in the forefront of industry promotion and the marketing of books and software. However, one important feature of this book that is new and necessary, as well as insufficiently available elsewhere, is how to avoid many higher-risk and marginal trades without forgoing the majority of high-potential ones.

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